#136 CW: Freakout Friday “Mythical Workout”

Step Aerobics

1a, Star Jumps x12

1b, Unicorn Squats x12

1c, Oblique Jacks x20

1d, Mountain Climbers x20

1e, Alternating Arm & Leg Raised Planks x12

1f, Plank Step Outs x8

2a, Mermaid Stretch x4each

2b, Sphinx Pose x8

2c, Fairy Back Raise x12

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#135 CW: Step Up! “Step and Upper”

Step Aerobics

1a Half Bow x12

1b Side Raised Turnovers x12

2a Hammer Curls x12

2b Side Raised Bicep Curls x12

3a Bent Over Kick Backs x12

3b Overhead Triceps Extensions x12

4a Floor Dumbbell Flies x12

4b Floor Dumbbell Chest Press x12

Step Aerobics

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#134 Canned Workouts “Upper Body Toe Friendly”

1 Banded Pull Outs

2 Arnold Press

3 Banded Pull Downs

4 Bent Over Dumbbell Reverse Flies

5 Low & High Row

6 Halos

7 Banded Bicep Curls

C1 Ab Crunch x20

C2 Bicycle Crunch x50

C3 Twisting Back Raise x20

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#133 Canned Workouts: “All Da Legs”

1, Plié Squats

2, Side Bend Lateral Leg Lifts

3, Pistol Box Squats

4, Standing Glute Kickbacks

5, Lunge & Reach

6, Crab Walks

7, Prone Heel Beats

8, Prone Dogleg with a Kickback

9, Single Leg Glute Bridge Kick Out

10, Downward Dog Calf Raises

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#132 CW: Freakout Friday “Ball & Drum”

Talk: Cheaper Isotonic Drink

1, Drum Squat

2, Lateral Lunge Reach Over (One Side)

3, Lateral Lunge Reach Over (Other Side)

4, Side Step Weighted Round Over

5, Co-ordinates

6, Overhead Triceps Extension

7, Staying Alive

8, Single Leg Weighted Forward Reach

9, Halos

10, Handed Up Hip Hulas

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#131 CW: Step Up! “Sweat & Hold”


Step Aerobics

1, Mountain Climber

2, Banded Speed Uppercuts

3, Star Jumps

4, Banded Pull Parts

5, Dumbbell Punches

6, Banded Low & High Row

7, Squat Jumps Rotations

C1, Hollow Hold (60 Seconds)

C2, Banded Glute Held Bridge (60 seconds)

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#130 Canned Workouts “Legs & Floor”

Talk: End-To-End Challenge

1, Squat Press

2, Weighted Pulsing Lunge (One Side)

3, Kettlebell/ Dumbbell Swing

4, Weighted Pulsing Lunge (Other Side)

5, Downward Dog

6, Plank Walk

7, Prone Floor Pullovers

8, Bicycle Crunches

9, Quadrupeds with a Knee Tuck (One Side)

10, Quadrupeds with a Knee Tuck (Other Side)

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#129 CW: Freakout Friday “Dumbbell Friday”

1, Squat Push Out

2, Sumo Stamp

3, Alternating Tappy Foot

4, Dumbbell Punches

5, Alternating Dumbbell swings

6, L Raises

7, Axis 3

C1, Otis Ups x15

C2, Russian Twists x32

C3, Glute Bridge x50

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#128 CW: Step Up! “Always Stepping”

1, Up, Up , Down, Down (Basic Step)

2, Straddle Box Jumps

3, Up, Up , Down, Down (Basic Step – other side)

4, Fly

5, Deficit Curtsey Squat

6, Step Side Crunch & Tap

7, Plank Step Knee Crunch

8, Straddle Up, Up, Down, Down

9, Knee Ups

10, Straddle Up, Up, Down, Down (other side)

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#127 Canned Workouts “Upper Shocker” & “The Show that Goes Wrong…”

1, Straight Leg Dead Lift

2, In & Out Squat Jumps

3, Press Ups

4, Bench Dips

5, Single Leg Squats

6, Standing Dumbbell Flies

7, Full Range Front Raises

C1, Reverse Crunch Hip Hinge x15

C2, Supermans x15

C3, Reach Overs x100 (Total)

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