(Group eX)

COVID-19 Notice – All Group Exercise sessions are FREE till lock-down has been removed priced at the introductory prices.  Streaming Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 9:30am on FaceBook (Our Page) Click on the link at the top right or here to go to that page.

Cost for Classes:

Introduction Price: for 30 days, from sign up, for £2.00 (Adults)/ £1.00 (Children) per class.  Only for a month can not bulk purchase.
Normal Price £4.50 (Adult)/ £2.50 (Children up to 16yrs) per class. 10 Sessions = £40.00 (Adults)/ £20.00 (Children)

Family Subscriptions:

Small Family (1 adult and, up to, 2 children): £8.00, 10 sessions £75.00
Family (2 adults and, up to, 2 children): £12.00, 10 sessions £100.00

For family subscriptions, if ONE person comes to that session then that session will be used up.
The Introduction Price for all rates & costs is available to first-time users of Seeker Training, or those that have not been active for 6+months.

COVID-19 NOTICE: All One 2 One Training can be done over the internet or on a Garden or other open space sticking to the 2m (6ft) distance rule, and all Group Exercise classes are to be conducted live on FaceBook, Recorded and uploaded to YouTube and this Websites Resources->Free Workouts section. All Group Ex session till further notice are FREE and all one to one personal training or small group training is at the introductory price.

Canned Workouts: Normal, Step Up! & Freakout Fridays

Every Mon, Wed, Friday 9:30am-10:30am
Live on Facebook.

Canned Workouts: Normal, Step Up! & Freakout Fridays are FREE and streamed on our Facebook page or uploaded to YouTube, or found on our Resources->Free Workouts.
These sessions have been created to help people out in this time of Lock-down and streamed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  It is great for people of any ability or age, on Freakout Friday both myself and my daughter do a dance-inspired PE session for young and old.

All the below classes are now closed due to the Lock-down.

FiT classes are FREE, but if anyone feels led to donate, there are always charities they can donate too.

FiT Classes - Tuesdays 7:30pm-8:30pm(ish)

FiT – Faith in Training.

Every Tuesday 9:30am-10:30am
Gospel Mission, Well House Road, Barnoldswick

FiT is a FREE charity Group eX (eXercise) class for all ages and levels of ability. They are fun lessons for all levels of ability and health levels. After the 45 minute class downstairs there are healthy snacks, drinks and a brief health talk on nutrition, exercise and/or wellbeing.

All Inclusive Classes - Wednesdays & Fridays 9:30am-10:15am

All Inclusive

Every Wednesday 9:30am-10:15am &
Every Friday 9:30am-10:15am,
Civic Hall (Barnoldswick)

Exercise for all ages, health and athletic abilities – All Inclusive! Using both the standard follow the teacher and circuits to perform exercises that are progressed and regressed to your abilities. Using mainly light dumbbells, resistance bands, mats, chairs and body weight.

Children welcome but must be supervised by an adult.

Night Owls Classes - Wednesdays 8:00pm-8:45pm

Night Owls

Every Wednesday 8pm-8:45pm,
Civic Hall (Barnoldswick)

Night fun is to be had.  Night Owls takes HIIT, Tabata and weights to help you get a good all over workout, using many different styles of workout to keep you interested longer.  The end of the session is devoted to extra stretching that will, hopefully, give you a better night sleep, or get you on the road for that night shift.
Night Owls has a monthly FREE body analysis session before we start.

 One 2 One - Training


Times for these 1-hour sessions can be allocated in many places. It is up to the client(s), you and/ or your friends, and the trainer to find a suitable time and venue to train in. You can train at home, in the park, at work or at the beach.

Personal Training:

Introduction Price: £10.00 per 1-hour session for 30 days, or 10 sessions for £90.00.
Normal Price£25.00 per 1-hour session, or 10 sessions for £240.00.

Personal Training – Small Group Sessions (2-4 people):

Introduction Price: £7.50 each per 1-hour session for 30 days, or 10 sessions for £70.00 each.
Normal Price£15.00 each per 1-hour session, or 10 sessions for £130.00 each.