Example Daily Meals

Eatwell Plate

Below is an example of a daily meal that you could have to keep you on your health track. Each day will be different for each person as your body size, strength and activity levels dictate how many TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure), or total calories a day you can have to get you to your goal, be it to lose weight, gain more muscle mass, or to help with a medical condition.

Seeker Training, will not set up a meal plan to follow. This is out of the scope of our expertise, but we can guide you in what is good, and not so good, to eat. We can also show you ideas for meal sizes, in both the eat well plate and calories. Seeker Training also has access to our own recipes made to be healthy and tasty.

(1)Extra Large Egg White
(3) Egg Whites Diced peppers or tomatoes
(1/2) Sweet Potato ( replace with apple or orange )

Morning Snack
(1/3 cup ) Porridge Oats (Dry)
(1/4 cup) Blueberries
(1/2 tbsp) Chia Seeds
(1) Glass Almond Milk

(4oz) Chicken Breast
(1/2 cup) Rice (cooked)
(1 cup) Spinach

(2 Cups) Broccoli
(1/2) Sweet Potato
(4oz) Chicken Breast

Late Evening Snack
(1) Vanilla Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

Not everyone needs, or wants to eat 4-6 meals day. If you are interested we can advise you on intermittent (16:8) fasting.