Exercise – Agility Ladder Simulated Tyre Drill

NameAgility Ladder Simulated Tyre Drill
Muscle GroupLower
TypeBody Weight
Push/ PullPush
EquipmentOne or Two Agility Ladders
Start with one, or best, two agility ladders. If you have one start at the side of one, if you have two ladders place the agility ladders next to each other but have one set half a square forward (so the squares are on a diagonal). Now step next to the ladder, or with the ladders in front of you. As you go down bring your knees up towards your chest and land a foot in one of the ladder squares, then bring your other knee up and down into the square diagonally next to it, or if you are using just one ladder level with the ladder rung. Once you have completed the desired distance that is one repetition.

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