#9 – CW: Freakout Friday 3/4/2020

For our live-stream lockdown workout session – 3rd April 2020

With Guest Star Eleanor Holtom!

Please consult a doctor or fill out (and send it back to us) this health questionnaire before any exercise commences.

Equipment Required: Homemade Dumbbells, a Chair and a Daughter (Sorry that is my checklist)


Workout: 3 Sets of 40/20 seconds

1, Sunshine Squats (Inspired by Eleanor Holtom)
2, Blues Brother Snap Kicks
3, Rond de Jambe (Kind of)
4, Knee Raise Flash Dance
5, “Roll and Chicken” Good Mornings
6, Punch-Out Round Over (By Eleanor Holtom)
7, Shoop Back

Core: 2 Sets no rest

C1, Hip Hulas 4×25, 2×25
C2, Chicago Round Over x20
C3, Seated Cross Toe Touches x10

Cool Down and Stretch

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