#12 – Canned Workouts 15/4/2020

For our live-stream lockdown workout session – 15th April 2020

Please consult a doctor or fill out (and send it back to us) this health questionnaire before any exercise commences.

Equipment Required: Dumbbells, Mat & water

Optional Equipment: Step, Resistance Bands


Workout: 3 Sets of 40/20 seconds

1, Pulsing Bicep Curls
2, Pulsing Bent Over Triceps
3, Armold Press
4, Reverse Flies
5, L-Raises
6, Pulsing Prayer
7, Bent Over Front Raise

Core: 1 Set no rest

C1, Plank x45sec
C2, Side Plank Leg Lift x30sec each
C3, Reverse Plank Leg Lift x45sec

Cool Down and Stretch

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