Wait for it!

Today I release a video about what I am doing. It is going to be an interesting time. Please watch and comment. Though I am sorry for the low pixel resolution I did render it out in 1080p, but YouTube decided to reduce it to 480 – sorry.

Let the embarrassment begin…

For those who do not wish to watch the video – I am going to go into the Mr Pennine 2020 bodybuilding competition as a charity fundraiser. The prospect of getting up and flaunting it in front of people is a dream… err… nightmare. It scares the wiggings out of me.

In the video I go on about I need to get down to 12% bodyfat to see where my “Golden Ratio” stands so I can work upon that. Next I go on about I have not yet got a charity to go, but I hope this to change soon.

In the middle is some embarrassing photos and explanation of my current body compassion.

Lastly, I link to a good friend who got me into this Besty Green, at Iron Maidenz PT. What to be a strong beautiful woman, Betsey can help. Please follow this link to Betsy’s Facebook page to know more:

Once I know the charity please support me the best you can.

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