My Own Observations on Wild (Open Water) Swimming in Relation to Weight Loss and Conditioning

I am surprised I am now in the 7th week of Open Water (Wild) Swimming and the temperature is still below 7.5c.

But doing research and my own observation I have got a few thoughts I would like to put down and, hopefully, in the future work on these thoughts with better facts.
Skin Swimming is not the best for weight loss. Why? The higher cortisol levels will catabolise muscle first for energy so any weight loss will be from the muscle mass, and the body will try and store fat as it thinks you are leading into a phase of starvation. Also at lower temperatures, you can not spend as long in the water doing the swimming. So lower calorie expenditure. Studies have shown that in the first five minutes of submersion your metabolism increases dramatically and also a similar increase for the 5 minutes AFTER you get out (start of the after drop). There is a slight increase overall, but not the same as doing laps. Also, the fact that most Wild Swimmers get out drink hot sweet drinks, AND have lots of cake does not help.

Now Wild Swimming with a wetsuit allows you to work longer in the water, AND the currents and flow of the water make it harder than a swimming pool. The suit (if not a swimming wet suit) tends to be very lower limb (bum) buoyant so the bum floats that can over arch the back. But the drag on the suit makes swimming harder. Higher calorie expenditure and good for conditioning due to the time spent in the water is greater.
So finding this out I will try and do a minimum of four swims a week, two in skins and two in a wet suit to help deal with acclimatisation AND conditioning for the mile swim.

Now, this may change when the water gets warmer. We will wait and see.