Hunger, Real or Taught?

When ever anyone wants to get healthier and fitter they, tend to, first being with food.  Restricting calories, and most commonly restricting the wrong things and not getting enough macro nutrients to sustain their body without hormone damaging results.

What most people find hardest, especially with intermittent fasting (IF), is hunger.  One of the main things about hunger is when your body gets enough nutrients the hormones that trigger hunger is cut off.  So eat nutrient dense foods will help, other wise you will need to eat a LOT more to fill you up – leading to eating too many calories in to calories out ratio – and there is also the extra water retention due to too many carbohydrates, but that is ANOTHER blog post.

The other reason people are hunger at set times in the day is habit.  You train your body to eat and want food at certain times.  The hardest part is retraining your body to stop this hunger.  Fake hunger, grelin, signals can go within 30-45 minutes if you are not truely hungery, real hunger will last longer than an hour.  Also most people today think hunger is the slight emptiness in your stomach not the deep down gnawing and growling of your stoamch.  We are designed to start feeling hungery, and getting around ready to eat, within an hour before you sit down.  Do NOT snack as soon as you feel hungery.  Drink some water and wait till you all sit down, again do NOT snack.

Now needing a snack due to hypogylemia or other medical reasons is fine to snack, but when you do this your body will get used to it – just beware.

The other thing about hunger is if you do snack do NOT over eat.  A palmful of grapes (Maximum of 20 grapes = 40-50 calories) is enough to get you to your next meal and better for you than crisps, biscuits or a slice of bread and butter.

Try to teach your body that you are in control of when you eat and you will get to your goals faster.

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