Fast-Food: Opening the Curtain

Over the years people have said bad things about fast-food places yet they still go to them. I have not bought any food from a certain huge chain for over 25 years due to the goings on I saw first hand from and old freind who was a manager there.

So, what is all this about? It is an article about two films. Films I think “should” be watched, even though some things do not translate to the UK culture or law, it can still be used to educate us – mainly in how NOT to eat. I am not saying do not eat out, but restrict yourself.

Now the two films are both done by a very personable gent called, Morgan Spurlock (link to this Wiki & own page. He acts sincere and knoweldgeable about the films he makes, and like any good Personal Trainer if he does not know the answer he sure as will, within days, know it!

These films are “Super Size Me” & “Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken”, both are well worth the watch. The things Morgan shows about big business is shocking and by the end, I cried real tears for the farmers and the betrayal they have to deal with. It seems a-kin to milk production and farmers in the UK.

Below are links to the two films with trailer links below:

Super Size Me, All rights reversed by Morgan Spurlock
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Super Size Me 2, All right reserved to Morgan Spurlock
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If you want to see the greasy underbelly or effects it can have on your health then please watch. I found them a wealth of information.

After watching the second movie I did check “Holy Chicken” and found that the franchise company is still going strong. If you look at his Instagram (Personal/ Holy Chicken) feed you will see new restaurants opening up all over the US. Shame they have not made it to the UK… yet.

People may ask, why are you advocating watching these films, especially the second one and to go into and eat at a fast-food joint? I am and I am not. Being a PT and coaching many people I have found cutting ALL bad things from your diet is a recipe (Pun intended) for disaster and failure. Eating once in a while is not too bad, but eating in a place like this that tells you what is wrong and how they are trying to help is better. Either that or go try and make your own fast-food style of food, more healthy I have – my homemade spicy crunchy chicken is, erm, finger-licking good!

make up your own minds and I would love to hear about what you think. Is Morgan a fraud, saviour, misguided, fountain of knowledge or in the right place at the right time.

When I spent my time in the US I did find there were not many places I could eat as they all tended to have soya and milk in everything. In the “In & Out” burger joint the only thing I could have was grilled chicken in a lettuce bun (Yes a wrap style bum made 100% out of lettuce), so in the UK we are on a step up from the US that way, but we still have a huge way to go to make fast-food a healthier place. Maybe, having watched, number 2 you, and I, will be a little more circumspect with our thoughts on word-age used, not only in the fast-food places, but on all packaging.

Make up your own minds… please.

Both Films are available to watch (on Amazon Prime) or to buy at any independant retailer.