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I am sat in a coffee house and having looked at all the coffees available, and being allergic to milk and intolerant to Soya, I looked at alternative milk drinks. Though I cannot drink them as the coconut milk contains Soya. The same brand at home does not have it. Digging into this the Soya is there to add thickness so the coffee houses can do the “special” patterns and shapes on. This particular coffee house is getting almond milk in the new year AND it too has Soya.

Most of you are saying, “Yer, so what?” But in this era we have a problem, girls having periods and getting breasts sooner, men having fat in the wrong places (moobs), and more breast cancer in both males and females. This is likely due to our modern lifestyle, pollution we breath and eat, but also to oestrogen’s we are getting more of than we need, in beauty products, in foods (some indirectly through the grains the animals are fed) and Soya.

If you look at most produced and processed foods you will see Soya, Soya flour, hydrogenated vegetable oil and such. These are all Soya and Soya is VERY cheap, quick and more hardy to grow. They increase the profits of the company’s with only a little change.

If you want to make your life healthier cut down, not necessarily out, Soya intake.

Lastly, it is NOT needed in alternative milks!

Rant over, till next time that is.

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