Exercise – Standing Rope Pull Downs

NameStanding Rope Pull Downs
Muscle GroupUpper
TypeFree Weight Resistance
Push/ PullPull
EquipmentRope with a high anchor point, like a pull up bar.
Wrap a rope around a pole, or pull up station that is more than 1 foot above your head. The more you wrap it around the harder it will be to pull. Stand with your feet between hip-width and shoulder-width apart, sink into a very high squat, pushing your bottom back while keeping your chest up. Reach up and grab the rope with one hand above your head. Pull down on the rope, driving your elbow down and even a little bit back. As you pull down with one hand, reach the other hand up overhead to grab the rope and pull down. Keep alternating arms to pull the rope down. Do not pull with both hands at the same time. At all times try and keep your shoulders back so you do not round them. Pulling with both hands is one repetition.

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