Exercise – Seated Goblet Squat

NameSeated Goblet Squat
Muscle GroupLegs-Hamstrings & Glutes
TypeFree Weight Resistance
Push/ PullPush
EquipmentKettlebells Dumbbells Chair
Stand in front of a chair, or bench, Sit down on it and then make sure your feet are under your knees and the knees are pointing in the same direction as your feet, either straight ahead or very slightly outwards. Get your weight in both hands and stand up. Hold the weight close to your chest with your elbows out or pointing down. Stand shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and abdominals tight. The next step is hard, but to start the exercise sit back down on to the chair. As soon as your bottom hits the chair push up through the heels of your feet back into a standing position and at the top tighten your glutes. This is one repetition. If you find your knees buckling inwards then took your elbows in and as you sit slot your elbows into the knee area, without leaning forward too much.

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