Charity Windmere 1 mile Swim

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Hi Everyone, I thought I would inform you all about a new charity event I am doing. People who follow me will know that 7 weeks ago I started Open Water Swimming (OWS), or Wild Swimming in extreme temperatures. Within a week I thought it would be a good challenge to do the Great North Swim to help raise money for The Message Trust.

I have never been good at swimming and really rubbish at ‘crawl’ so a challenge to swim in cold water for 1 mile seemed a good way to challenge myself, give myself goals, and to raise money in the process.

Why did I start OWS’ing?

I started two weeks (9 weeks ago now) after I had my worst mental breakdown yet. I had two days of being monosyllabic (if you know me that is a HUGE warning as I love to talk) then I wrapped myself up like a mummy on the couch and sat for a good few hours before I began to cry. I began softly trying to hide it, but once it started I could not stop and soon I had my wives and daughter’s attention with banshee wails I have only heard come out of horror films. I was broken and I did not have direction or even know why.

So I thought hard that I needed to get this sorted or I may well attempt my own life again. I remembered a good client of mine talking about OWS. I have not seen it on the news or TV as I do not watch TV. So I contacted them and the next day found myself at 6:45am standing in my trunks gloves and boots in water 3.2c, but could only stand it for 2 minutes. Though my mood changed after. I had a full 36 hours of clarity, I was happy and had no dower moods. It was a miracle! Since then I have read over 20 science papers on OWS and Ice Swimming (<5.0c), been on 8 live streams with professional swimmers and trainers to get health, mind and soul data on it. I must say I am now hooked and once out of the water begin planning my next dip.

Though I want to do something else, I want to help a charity that has been a great help to my family and my wife, and to so many others. Please help me to raise money for The Message Trust.

Just go to and put a donation, even if you do not donate, please share and spread the word.