Chapter Marks starting to be put on YouTube Videos.

As you can see all videos after the 100th Livestream have now got chapter marks on them to allow people to quickly jump to points as they need.

All chapter marks can be seen and used whenever you see the YouTube Play button.

The chapter marks are:

  • Intro: The Introduction Title, additional images and Session Card are shown.
  • Talk: If there is a talk it will be placed here. Good if you need to reference anything that you need to recheck.
  • Warm Up: Getting ready for exercise.
  • Step Set: If doing Step Up! The first set is a full step aerobic section.
  • Workout 1st/2nd/3rd Set: The very start of each set that you can skip too if required.
  • 1, – 10, C1 – C3: The exercises themselves.
  • Cool-Down: All the stretching that is required.

I hope you have fun and find this system good at making your exercise more effective and entertaining.