#91 CW: Freakout Friday – 20th Nov 2020 – The one that was recorded on Mon 23rd

Talk: Metabolic Damage, true?

1, Space Invaders

2, Skipping, on the stop

3, Step Back, Step Out

4, Double Diagonals

5, Dumbbell Curls & Bumkicks

6, L Press

7, Bent Over Reverse Flies

C1, Alternating Toe Touches x12

C2, Frankinstiens x20

C3, Oblique Jacks x20

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#90 CW: Step Up or sit Down! 18th Nov 2020

Talk: Sit-Ups Gives You Abs

Step Aerobics

1, Seated Jack Knife

2, Seated Reach Overs

3, Chicago Round Over

4, Seated Single Leg Circles

5, Seated Marching Out and In

6, Sit to Stand

7, Seated Ab Crunch

8, Seated Penguin Crunch

9, Seated Russian Twists

10, Seated Toe Touches

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#89 Canned Workouts – 16th Nov 2020 – The Other One with the Wrong Overlay – Sorry!

Talk:Mental Health Update & Genetics Stop Me Losing Weight!

1, Dumbbell Squat Calf Raises

2, Fore and Back Lateral Leg Raises

3, Knee Raise to Glute Kickback

4, Side Raised Hand Turns

5, Dumbbell Punches

6, Triceps Overhead Extension

7, Bent Over Low & High Dumbbell Row

C1, Flutter Kicks x40

C2, Prone Heel Beats x40

C3, Prone Crisscross x40

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#88 CW: Freakout Friday – 13th Nov 2020 – The Stream that is NOT unlucky, much? Also, Children in Need.

BBC’s Children in Need

Talk: Skipping Breakfast vs. Your Metabolism

1, Dumbbell Ski Jumper Squat

2, 4 Corner Push Step

3, Open and Close the Gate

4, Reverse Lunge Clap Under

5, Co-Ordinates

6, Dumbbell Punch Downs

7, Alternating Shoulder Press

C1, Reach Over Row x50ea

C2, Hip Hulas x50ea

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#87 CW: Step Up! 11th Nov 2020 – Banded Workout

Talk: Should I squat below 90 degrees?

Step Aerobics

1, Pulsing Squats

2, Single Leg Side Kick to Knee Raise

3, Speed Uppercuts

4, Banded Pull Outs

5, High & Low Banded Row

6, Banded Pull Downs

7, Banded Triceps Pull Outs

C1, Plank Knee Pull-In x

C2, Twisting Back Raise

C3, Prone Heel Beats

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#86 Canned Workouts – 9th Nov 2020

Talk: Females Fear Weights and Bulk?

1, Squatted Punches

2, Lunging Sweeps

3, Press Up

4, Dumbbell Draw Pull

5, One Potato, Two…

6, L-Raises

7, Hand Turn Overs

C1, Ab Crunches x20

C2, Penguin Crunches x20

C3, Reverse Penguin Crunches x20

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