#72 Canned Workouts – 28th Sept 2020

Talk: Why do I dislike some exercises?

1, Reverse Lunges

2, Curtsey Squat

3, Sit to Stand

4, Countertop Press Up Shoulder Tap

5, Front Banded Raise

6, Low Banded Row

7, Banded Pull Outs

8, Bicep Banded Curls

9, Triceps Banded Pull Outs

10, Banded Glute Bridge

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#71 CW: Freakout Friday 25th Sept 2020 – The Stream that almost wasn’t

Talk: Can I trust my Trainer?

1, Plié Squat and Press

2, Lunge and Reach

3, Plyometric Warrior Pose II

4, Low & High Banded Row

5, Banded Diagonal Press

6, Banded Pull Downs

7, Banded Bent Over Kickbacks

C1, Prone Cris-Cross x30

C2, Windowscreen Wiper x10

C3, Triangle Pose x12

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#70!!! Canned Workouts – 23rd Sept 2020 – Wobbly Leg Number 8!

Talk: Exercise and Mental Exercise

1, Sumo Stamp

2, Side Step – UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN

3, Around the World Punches

4, Line Jumps

5, Reach Overs

6, One Potato, Two…

7, Standing Knee Crunch

8, Power Squat

9, Plank Knee Pull-In

10, Raised Feet Glute Bridge

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#69 CW: Freakout Friday 18th Sept 2020 – Almost 10th Birthday Stream!

Talk: Injury and When to STOP!

1, Squat Knee Raise

2, Travelling Side Squats

3, Bicep Bum Kick

4, Triceps Kick Backs

5, Staying Alive

6, Co-Ordinates

7, Standing Twists

C1, Bicycle Crunches, 30sec

C2, Plank, 30sec

C3, Side Plank, 30sec each

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#68 CW: Step Up! 16th Sept 2020

Talk: Snacks (not snakes), Cheat and Treat Meals

Step Aerobics

1, Unilateral Dumbbell Clean and Press

2, Jogging on the Spot

3, Crossed Axes

4, Oblique Jacks

5, Angel Wings

6, Punch Downs

7, Arm Swings

8, Alternate Toe Touches

9, Dumbbell Discus

10, Lunging Reach Overs

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#67 Canned Workouts 14th Sept 2020

Talk: How to Workout Outside.

1, Squatted Marches

2, Star Jumps/ Star Step Outs

3, Charleston Step

4, High Knees

5, Round the Clock Punches

6, Later Raised Hand Turn Overs

7, Low & High Banded Rows

C1, Side to Side Touches x30

C2, Banded Oblique Crunches x12ea

C3, Circular Good Mornings x12

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#66 CW: Freakout Friday 11th Sept 2020, Route 66 Tabata

Talk: Progression

Tabata Workout


1a, Bodyweight Squat

1b, Star Jumps/ Star Step Outs

1c, Glute Kickback

1d, Jogging on the Spot/ High Knees


2a, Press Up/ Banded Chest Press

2b, Speed Upper Cuts

2c, Alternating Shoulder Press

2d, Triceps Banded Pull Outs


3a, Ab Crunch

3b, Glute Bridge

3c, Reverse Crunch

3d, Russian Twist

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#65 CW: Step Up! 9th Sept 2020

Talk: Why do we cool down?

Step Aerobics

1, Deadlift

2, Body Weight Squats

3, Bent Over Row & Press

4, Axis 3

5, Bent Over Front Raises

6, Reach Overs

7, Hand Turn Overs

C1, Leg Lifts x12

C2, Windscreen Wipers x12

C3, Quadruped Knee Tucks x20

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#64 Canned Workouts 7th Sept 2020 – The Wool Stream!

Talk: Effects of a Warm-Up

1, Wide, Wide, Narrow, Narrow

2, Dumbbell Punches

3, Circular Squats

4, Press Up

5, Low Banded Row

6, Triceps Bench Dips

7, Underhand Banded Pullouts

C1, Frankinstiens x20

C2, Otis Ups x12

C3, Good Mornings x20

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#63 CW: Freakout Friday 4th Sept 2020 – The Experiment!

Talk: Band is a Band is a Band, and Upkeep, , COVID Mask Experiment

1, Squat Jumps

2, Weighted Travelling Side Squats

3, Inverting Y

4, Front to Side Raise

5, Banded Speed Uppercuts

6, Standing Twists

7, Cheerleader

8, Side to Side Touches

9, Side Bends

10, Hip Hulas

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