#84 Canned Workouts – 2nd Nov 2020 – Back to School, High Winds and new Lockdown!

For our live-stream lockdown workout session – 2nd Nov 2020

YOUTUBE Notice – All content is child friendly, but the “Not made for children” box is ticked so comments may be left.  There is no swearing and any anatomy discussion is clinical and done to educate.

Please consult a doctor or fill out (and send it back to us) the form linked below before any exercise commences.
PAR-Q health questionnaire Link Below:

Equipment Required: Dumbbells, Mat & Water
Optional Equipment: NA

Talk: Fasted Cardio and Fat Burning


Workout: 3 Sets of 40/20 seconds
1, Sumo Squat Side Knee
2, Single Leg Squats
3, Circular Squats
4, Dive Bomber
5, Lunging Punch
6, Pike Press Up
7, Bent Over Face Pulls

Core: 2 Sets no rest
C1, Plank Knee Ups, In & Out x20
C2, Plank Kick Outs x20
C3, Circular Good Mornings x20

Cool Down and Stretch

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