#2 Bite-Sized: “Upper Body Swim 1”

For our Bite-Sized workout session #2

#100th Scorecard: http://www.seekertraining.com/…/2021/03/LSS500_Sheet.pdf

A shorter more intense workout session lasting between 12-20minutes.

YOUTUBE Notice – All content is child-friendly, but the “Not made for children” box is ticked so comments may be left.  There is no swearing and any anatomy discussion is clinical and done to educate.

Please consult a doctor or fill out (and send it back to us) the form linked below before any exercise commences.
PAR-Q health questionnaire Link Below:

Equipment Required: Banded & Water
Optional Equipment: NA


Workout: 3(Beginner/Alt. Warm Up)/ 5(Intermediate)/ 10(Advanced) Sets
1, Banded Overhead Lat Pull Down x 12
2, Slow Press Up x 12
3, Banded Unilateral Lateral and Front Raises x 10ea
4, Banded Unilateral Shoulder Press x 10ea

Cool Down and Stretch

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